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You should become a Bestselling Author

Being an author is the definitive demarcation line of attack, as it truly separates you from the pack. There’s no better way for you to create yourself as an authority. Let’s explore some of the concrete benefits that becoming a published author will afford you:

•Win Every Listing
•Qualified Buyers Seek You Out
•New-found respect and admiration
•Enhanced credibility
•Expert status with your customers
•New customers due to your increased credibility
•People will naturally seek you out
•High sense of accomplishment
•STAND OUT from your competition

let us show you how easy it is to become a

Branded Expert Author


What Our Customers Are Saying

Jason Myers

I’ve done eight books with Mike and Carolyn and they just absolutely rock and crush it and take care of me as an author. One of the most valuable things I have is time. I don’t have enough time, and they make it as easy as possible for me to become published branded expert and get out there with my message to the world.

Andrea Wolf

I am really delighted to share with you what an amazing experience I had working with Branded Expert Publishing. They made it super easy, and you know just spoke in English as opposed to jargon and a real publishing expert to do this. Made it effortless easy, collaborative, fun … yeah it can be fun to put a a book together. And before I knew it it was all done. I just can’t recommend them highly enough. Run, don’t walk, work with Branded Expert Publishing.

Pam Ivey

Hi there, it’s Pam Ivey from online marketing management trainer and certification program. I have used Branded Experts Publishing in the past, they have been so easy to work with. I’m a published author with them and I really have to, I just really have to stress that it’s so important if you want to increase your visibility and your authority level, you need to be a published author. With Branded Experts Publishing, with Carolyn and Mike, I have had the best experience. It’s been so easy. I really didn’t have to do anything, and you know, we’re running businesses. We’re just so busy we just don’t have time to do that, so working with them has been a God send and it’s just so awesome that I get to hand out books to potential clients and they already see me as an expert, so if you’re not published yet, now’s your time and work with Branded Expert Branded Publishing.

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C. Mike Lewis, “The Book Guy”
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